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For a long time, the men were fascinated by the shine of the gold. To restore all its magnificence in the object of past, our role is to restore its appearance and its brightness of origin, by respecting and by reproducing the processes of the gilt in the traditional sheet as well as the know-how used for the preparation of wood and ornaments.


In a very vast range of models and profiles of mouldings realized in the request, thanks to an approach of search and creativity we are capable of answering all the ornamental requirements on behalf of particular or professional customers. We use various techniques such as the gilt in the tempera, reserved for the wooden supports; the gilt in the mixion applied to any supports by using gold leaves, silver or copper. Plates can be red, black, ochre; the whole in an infinite variety of combinations and results, enriched by of uncountable skate of finish.

Avant restauration Préparation du moulage
Moulage de l'aile Pose de la feuille d'or
Pose de l'assiette Pose de la feuille d'or
Pose de la feuille d'or sur l'ensemble Après patine
Vue d'ensemble après patine