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For the equipment in wall decoration of companies, part our experience on the "ground" and of the partnership with numerous artists, lithographers and engravers, we are capable of proposing an innovative and creative approach to allow our customers of power to désancrer stereotypical pictures, who trivialize and do not give a real cultural image in the choice of the decoration of their premises. An environment soaked art facilitates and allows to develop the business connections. The public can only be made sensitive by a quality welcome, which stresses the originality, the creativity and the skill of the companies which it addresses. We answer these questionings with several options, the main clauses of which are :

- Purchase of multiple of art boxes.
- Short rent or long lasting of multiple of art boxes.
- Creation of artistic manifestations keys in hand: exhibitions, colloquiums, meetings
- Creation and writing of catalogs of art.
- Complete installations of suspentes in paintings.
- Systems combined by collision and lighting.
- Antitheft fixations.
- Pose and delivery.

Consult us for quite other inherent problems the wall decoration