ATELIER SOARDI & SOARDI - 12 rue Barillerie - 06300 NICE - FRANCE
Tél : +(0) 4 93 85 37 56 - Fax : +(0) 4 93 85 03 33

The Soardi workshop is a place of art, technique and aesthetic, situated in the heart of the old town of Nice since 1979. It restores, protects, decorates, and creates frames. Renato and David Soardi work closely with artists, museums, art galleries, hotels of the Côte d’Azur, the Principality of Monaco, and the city of Nice. They use wood, stone, metal, glass, Plexiglas, fabric, leather, and paper. Each classical or contemporary work of art is adorned with an elegant frame or mount, and created to suit its surroundings. Renato and David Soardi have mastered the tradition of gilding in gold, silver and copper leaf, to achieve ochre, black and red patinas. They know how to improve and restore objects back to their original state. The Soardi workshop also designs series in silk screening, lithography or digital printing, on specific themes, or from original artworks. Intaglio, etching, and carborundum are among the different processes they use for engravings.

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